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Product Description
Al Haramen is a collection of Arab Eye Liner.
The set consists of 3 capsules with antimony for the eyes, superfine grinding.
The finer the grind of antimony. The set also has a capsule with a larger powder of antimony, which is recommended for use as eye shadow, and as there Kohl,
made of walnut wood, with a built-in her cap - a stick for easy application of antimony.
Arabic Eyeliner Kohl is the traditional way that both women and men give a natural herbal treatment for their eyes.
Natural kohl is also considered to help grow the eyelashes, too!

It's no wonder that women from all over the world are using kohl products, and that they have adopted the sexy smokey eye look that has been traditional in the Arabian Gulf and surrounding areas for thousands of years. Arabic (Kohl) traditionally been used in the Middle East & Arabic Gulf.

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